Web Design

Desktop USA brings to you the exciting world of website design.

Our experianced staff can help you bring your web site to new heights.

We adhere to a strict development philosophy that will keep people at your site.

First, we beleive strongly in never making large pages. We feel this way because many people will leave a web site if it does not load quickly. So when making your pages, size will always be kept in mind.

Second, we beleive in easy and intuitive navigation. To ensure this we always think of two things.

What will the central navigation page look like and can people get to all the main segments of the web site from this page. And are the height and width created for screen resolution of 800 X 600. We do this because this is the lowest common denominator for screen resolution. And if the page was created for a 1280 X 1024 resolution the visitor to your web site will not be able to browse with ease.

These are our philosophies because we want people to come to your web site and stay there whether you want to create a basic informational site or a site with a lot of focus on graphic design.