Web Site Design

Learn how to design your own web site. In this introductory course in web design you will use FrontPage to create dynamic web pages yourself. The mysterious web will no longer be mysterious after this course. In this course we will cover how to create basic webpages using: links, tables, images, formating and free hosting. More advanced courses are also availble in: frames, animated gifs and basic HTML.

Intoduction to Personal Computers

For the student who is completely new to personal computers and needs to learn the basics about Windows. You’ll get introduced to fundamentals of personal computers and terminology. You’ll also work with the Windows desktop objects and windows and explore ways to customize your desktop settings. In addition, you’ll look at ways to navigate the program, use Windows Explorer and other common Windows techniques, and access the Internet in the Internet Explorer enviornment.

Microsoft Word

Learn the basic skills you’ll need to begin using Work 2000 effectively: how to create, navigate, edit, format, and print documents. You’ll also learn some of the intermediate level features and shortcuts of Word to help you become more productive: how to create main documents and data documents, mailing labels and lists, design templates and macros, and create online forms.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application that makes it easier to analyze, report, and share you data. You will learn the basics of spreadsheet design, use various math functions and explore worksheet-editing techniques. Additional topics include: advanced spreadsheet function, creating charts and linking worksheets.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Learn the basics of effectively creating presentations in the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Topics covered include an introduction to PowerPoint’s working enviornment, creating basic slides, and working in different veiws. Additional topics include an introduction to PowerPoint features such as drawing tools and the use of clip art.


The Internet is a communication medium that can be accessed through a computer. This beginner’s level course introduces participants to the benefits of internet for education, buisness, health, and entertainment. Topics include: how to connect to online service options for homes, buisnessses and organizations; discuss internet service providers – a comparison of commercial, institutional, and specialized on-line services; and an overview of the most widely-used Internet tools and the World Wide Wed.


E-mail is the most widely-used internet tool, yet many are not aware of its full potential as a communication resource or lack understanding of the special features of various e-mail programs. If you are an Internet user that wishes to improve your e-mail skills for business or personla interaction, you won’t want to miss this workshop! Topics include: how to send and receive e-mail; how to manage mail boxes and folders; how to send group e-mail and attach documents or pictures and how to create a document signature.

Pricing for training sessions:

  • 1 hour $75
  • 3 hours $195
  • 5 hours $295
  • 10 hours $555