Printing and Media Center

We can provide you with all you printing and media needs.

We have both self-service and full-service copying capabilities, in color and black & white. We also offer binding, folding, cutting and laminating.

We have a comprehensive media center including available PC’s and MAC’s that will meet the needs of any user whether they need to manipulate graphics, browse the web, print out or edit documents. Our available software covers Adobe Photo-Shop, the Microsoft 2000 Office Suit, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Flash 5, Claris Works, Quark Express, etc.

We have three color scanners.

We have an in-house FedEx box in case you need to ship something out in a hurry.

We also offer large format high quality printing.

And while you are working on a computer or waiting for an order to be filled you can enjoy a great cappuccino.