About Us

This fast growing New York City based operation is the brainchild of a couple who arrived in the city from Israel in the beginning of the ‘80’s when photocopy shops were very limited. Copying and printing was all that was available.

They saw the opportunity to offer their customers more ­ the information superhighway was just taking off and their ideas and what they could offer their clientele was on a much larger scale.

They started with the photocopy shop and now have two stores at strategic locations in the City ­ one location on the Upper West Side and one location on the Upper East Side.

They brought with them a vast knowledge of graphic design, printing and computer software and hardware. Their store located on the corner of 95th Street and Lexington Avenue, next to the 96th Street stop on the Lexington Avenue Line is at a major cross street, a block away from the FDR 96th Street exit which also connects their customers to all three boroughs ­ Queens, The Bronx and Manhattan. They offer state-of-the-art computers, photocopiers and digital equipment to meet the demands of the turn of the century.

Internet browsing in a cyber-café atmosphere, customers may choose to e-mail or to research projects on the Internet, shop, trade or auction online. Surf the web or simply use the Internet access offered as their “home office” if they are not online elsewhere.

From simple projects such as designing fliers or to more customized resumes using professional formats on quality stock to more demanding tasks such as scanning, web design, retouching, research, editing and composing, formulating business charts, financial statements, posters for display, preparing business presentations material, the technical and design staff of Desktop USA use all the software applications available in today’s marketplace. They use PowerPoint, Photoshop, Adobe, QuarkXpress and other MAC and Microsoft applications to fit their customers needs. This leads to the creation of beautiful images for print and fine art as well as GIFs and JPEGs for the World Wide Web.

They also offer PC and Mac troubleshooting and repair, in your place or ours, as well as web site design and maintenance.

Other popular services offered are training classes in Microsoft applications, QuarkXpress, Adobe, Internet/Web Design, Windows98, Office 2000 and MAC programs are always high in demand as well as the availability of Desktop USA’s staff to visit you at your office for both technical a design support.

You may want to sit back and enjoy a delicious Cappuccino while one of our designers works on your new business cards and stationery and prints it out for you while you relax in a friendly atmosphere listening to light music in the background.

So join DesktopUSA for a taste of the future…